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The Legacy Award & Collection reaches its final destination, the Museum Espace Solidor at Cagnes-sur-Mer (F). The Espace Solidor is a Museum fully dedicated to the contemporary jewellery where the big names have taken place. The Legacy collection started in 2015 with the aim to promote the contemporary art jewellery and has finally reached the best destination dreamed, the Espace Solidor, with its 132 artists and its 167 jewels that compose this collection. The goal of this collection is to show the diversity of the actual contemporary art jewellery.

The collection (*) will be on show from May 18th to October 6th, 2019 at Espace Solidor, Place du Château, 06800 Cagnes-sur-mer, France. The opening of the exhibition will be held on Saturday May 18h, 11am.

During the opening, the jury will give the Award 2019 to the artist selected. Alliages will give also some awards to different artists.

Jury is composed by :

Sébastien Carré, art jeweler and curator. Sébastien lives and works in Strasbourg. After studying five years at HEAR, the prestigious Art school of Strasbourg, he decided to stay there to keep on working on his organic jewelry. Throughout many exhibits he tries to wake up corporeality and the senses of the spectators. In 2015, Sébastien Carré was double awarded for the first edition of the Legacy Award (Jury + Public Award) and was part of the jury of the 2nd edition of the award.

Isabelle Busnel, art jeweler. Isabelle is French and lives in London. After a 15-year career in finance and banking, she felt an urge to express herself in a different way and she decided to retrain academically. She obtained an HND in jewellery in 2008 and a Research MA in 2010, both from the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design (London Metropolitan University). Isabelle Busnel won the Jury award in 2016.

Claude Pelletier, jeweler. Claude Pelletier worked in Place Vendôme, Paris, for prestigious « haute joaillerie » brands and was the assistant of Swedish jeweler Torun. His creations are based on rigor, simplicity, architecture. Stripping, volume and proportion are for him the essential. Claude Pelletier works in Biot, close of Cagnes-sur-mer, and has participated to make the Espace Solidor one of the best places for the contemporary jewellery.

(*) will be on show all the works of the 3rd edition and a selection of 1st & 2nd editions. Collection curated by Juan Riusech.

The Legacy Award, 3rd Edition (2019)

The Legacy Award, 2nd Edition (2016)

The Legacy Award, 1st Edition (2015)

The artists of the Legacy Collection

ARGENTINA : Elvira Cibotti, Fabiana Gadano, Iona Nieva, Lucia Feugas, Mabel Pena, Monique Lecouna, Norma Rianudo, Patricia Gallucci.
AUSTRALIA : Aurelia Yeomans, Nicole Polentas.
AUSTRIA : Andrea Auer, Claudia Steiner, Eva Tesarik, Izabella Petrut, Viktoria Münzker.
BELGIUM : Frederique Coomans, Isabelle Azaïs, Jonathan Hens, Juan Harnie, Nevin Arig, Ria Lins, Ute vander Plaats, Dimitar Stankov.
CHILE : Taibe Palacios.
CHINA : Qiwei Yang, Shuoyuan Bai, Yiping Li, Yueshan Wang, Yuxin Long.
COLOMBIA : Christian Quiceno.
CROATIA : Petra Podnarcuk.
CZECH REPUBLIC : Lucie Houdkova.
DENMARK : Malene Kastalje, Annette Dam, Katrine Ingrid Christensen.
FRANCE : Isabelle Busnel, Laurent Brune, Marie Masson, Maud Traon, Morgane Beyrend, Sébastien Carré.
GERMANY : Babette von Dohnanyi, Corrina Goutos, Franziska Höhne, Jil Köhn, Linda Schuch, Nicole Schuster, Niklas Link, Unk Kraus, Gili Doliner, Katja Turpeinen.
GREECE : Agelika Diplari, Akis Goumas, Erato Kouloubi, Geroge Gionnoutsos, Maria Koutmani, Stefania Sioufa, Victoria Ioannidou, Xenia Deimezi, Yiota Vogli.
IRAN : Nassrin Vessalian.
ISRAEL : Dania Chelminsky, Inbar Shahak, Lital Mendel, Sara Shahak.
ITALY : Barbara Uderzo, Caterina Zanca, Gigi Mariani.
JAPAN : Arata Fuchi, Mineri Matsuura, Yu Hiraishi.
LUXEMBOURG: Michelle Kraemer.
POLAND : Anna Krol.
ROUMANIA : Alina Carp, Ana Barbu Uzura, Ana Marchetanu, Angela Ciobanu, Lidia Puica, Raluca Buzura.
SPAIN : Ana Garcia Moya, Gemma Canal Espuñes, Ignasi Cavaller Triay, Juanjo Garcia, Juan Riusech, Lluís Comín, Mar Sanchez, Margarita Alonso, Mireia Calaf, Rosa Borredá, Silvia Serra Albadalejo.
SOUTH COREA : Dabin Lee, Jounghye Park, Kim Hee-ang, Lee Seulki, Lee Yojae, Lee Yujin, Sangji Yun, Jieun Park.
SWEDEN : Elin Flognman, Lena Lindahl, Sofia Björkman.
SWITZERLAND : Cedric Chevalley.
TAIWAN : Hsieh Chun-Lung, Lin Tsang-Hsuan, Yeh Wen-Miao, Yi-Hsun Hsieh.
THAILAND : Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Vinit Koosolmanomai.
TURKEY : Burcu Buyukunal, Burcu Sulek, Gozde Erdogan.
UNITED KINGDOM : Masako Hamaguchi, Liana Pattihis, Wan Li, Naia Conde Alonso, Spam Glam, Yoojung Kim.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA : Aric Verrastro, Brooke Marks-Swanson, Demitra Thomloudis, Holland Houdek, Jessica Andersen, Jina Seo, Katja Toporski, Masumi Kataoka, Missy Graff Ballone, Rho Tang, Teresa Faris, Vincent Pontilo-Verrastro.

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