Promoting Contemporary Art Jewelry since 2009

The Gallery

Every jewel is a work of Art and our body is the socle. ALLIAGES is a non-profit organization which enhances and promotes the Contemporary Art Jewelry since 2009.

An artist, often creative and talented, has a great difficulty to reveal his work. ALLIAGES has the goal of promote its artists career and their artistic world, showing their works to the public at various events and exhibitions. To do this, ALLIAGES has a permanent space in which successive exhibitions happen throughout the year, where the artists, confirmed or not, have the opportunity to present their work during a longer or shorter period while avoiding a classic network that, in many cases, offers this possibility only to « sure values ». Our goal is to offer quality exhibitions and help visitors to discover new talents.

ALLIAGES organization stores at APACE:ART, 111 Boulevard Victor Hugo in LILLE (France), nearby city center.