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Secrets are the hidden treasures in the human soul, because secrets have something to do with truth. The truths that we keep from others -and very often from ourselves- are the secrets we guard with our life and only reveal to those we fully trust. At the same time secrets are the source of our creative powers, of our weaknesses, our joys and our sorrows, our pride and our shame.

Art is the expression of the human spirit: the way we transform our thoughts, feelings, dreams, and fears. Art is how we make sense of our inner and outer reality- it is the way we create beauty and meaning, the way we share our secrets with others, the way we expose our vulnerabilities and inner strengths.

Art is the bridge between the avowable and unavowable secrets – it is the way we reconcile our inner conflicts, the way we heal our wounds, the way we transform our pain into beauty.

Art is the way we reveal more of our true selves, the way we accept ourselves and others, the way we give something true from ourselves to humanity.

The exhibition will be held at Werkstatt-Galerie.
WERKSTATT-GALERIE – ZentnerStrasse 3, 80798 Munich
#21 in the program : Schmuck 2024 program

Exhibition opening hours : February 28th to March 1st : 14-18h30 | March 2nd : 10-12h
Opening : Wednesday February 28th, 2024 : 18h30-20h30

Artists selected for « MISSING MEMORIES » exhibition

Adriana Del Duca, Agne Zaltauskaite, Aisegul Telli, Ana Calbucci, Ani Flys, Anna Retico, Anna Talbot, Anne Léger, Azin Soltani, A-ra Jo, Brenda Schweder, Carmen Lopez, Carolina Giraldo Vargas, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Chien Yu Liu, Clara Del Papa, Claudia Steiner, Deganit Schocken, Deimezi Xenia, Denis Music, Eiko Nakahara, Einav Benzano, Elis Liivo, Elisabeth Drude, Elvira Cibotti, Erle Nemvalts, Esteban Erosky, Eunji Shin, Feifei Cheng, Fluxis, Gloria Tormo Bernad, Hankunyu Wei, Hao Wei, Hilde Dramstad, Huang Xiaozhe, Hyungchan Lee, Isabella Bedlington, Isabelle Busnel, Jason Stein, Jiyoung Jang, Juan Harnie, Juan Riusech, Kamile Staneliene, Lily Preve, Lital Mendel, Lorena Lazard, Luo Yan-Ze, Maddy Barnett, Maria Eugenia Ramos, Marta Dobrynina, Maud Traon, Mengjie Mo, Meta Joanknecht, Mirjam Aun, Myriam Theveniaud, Namkyung Lee, Philipp Spillmann, Pilar Viedma, Raquel Bessudo, Ryujeong Han (Yujeong Han), Sara Shahak, Saskia Bostelmann, Sébastien Carré, Selma Leal, Seonghwan Hyun, Suyu Chen, Taibe Palacios, Ute van der Plaats, Xiangzhi Zhao, Yael Kaduri, Yasuko Kanno, Yiota Vogli & Youjin Um.

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