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PRECIOUS PLACES, an exhibition from the PRECIOUS COLLECTIVE, curated by Lynne Speake. Exhibition will be held at Alliages gallery in Lille from September 12th to December 5th, 2020.

The ‘Precious.Collective’ has evolved organically since November 2017 into a collective of makers from around the globe, a community that enables dialogue and support between makers and countries. With over 120 members from 30 countries and representing all stages of a jewelry career (from students to world-renowned artists) the Precious Collective is all about connection and conversation. What binds Precious members together is their ambiguous relationship to notions of what ‘precious’ is or creating in ways that challenge traditional jewelry making through materials, techniques or concepts. 22 members work has been chosen for this the second exhibition from this dynamic collective. ‘Precious Places’ is truly a celebration of Art Jewelry and what can be interpreted as Precious.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday September 11th, 2020 at 6 PM at ALLIAGES gallery.
ALLIAGES | ESPACE APACE:ART – 111, bd. Victor Hugo – F-59000 LILLE – +33(0)

Alliages gallery schedule : Mo/We/Fri : 10-13h & 14-17h – Sa : 10-16h30

Artists selected for « PRECIOUS PLACES » exhibition

Adriana Del Duca, Claude Lescar, Dan Russell, Dina Abargil, Elisabetta Nevola, Elizabeth Shaw, Holly Stant, Iro Kaskani, Jillian Moore, Juan Riusech, Kate Bajic, Lynne Speake, Melis Agabigum, Miruni Belicovici, Rachael Colley, Rachel Butlin, Salvador Vico, Sarah Drew, Svetlana Progoditch, Vanessa Kubach, Verena Krems & Viktoria Munzker.


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