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Mabel Pena | « My present work reflects upon the influence of Man on Nature. The endless force of Nature to survive as opposed to the devastation caused by Man. We exploit, suffocate Nature. But on the other hand, Nature always finds a way to prevail. Life and Death- Death and Rebirth. I find inspiration in the ocean, its structures, shapes and textures. I reflect on the way we are polluting our seas, dumping waste- particularly huge amounts of plastic. Unbelievable as it may sound, in a few years there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. And plastic never goes away. In these pieces, I decided to work with supermarket plastic bags that I picture floating in the oceans. I take an ordinary object, one of the many plastic things we use on a daily basis, and I change it so that it transcends its meaning. I fabricate oxidized metal frames which I combine with thermal treated plastic. »(*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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