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The Joya Off openings at a glance !

The Joya week is about to start and this year the Off events will be in a big number and with an amazing quality. Some of the Alliages 2019 artists will participate to several Off events :

« Nuda Vita » at Artesania Catalunya with Hansel Tai
« Liées » at Institut Français de Barcelone with Sébastien Carré, Juan Riusech, Isabelle Busnel, Isabelle Azaïs, Laurent Brune, Gemma Canal, Ana Escobar, Gigi Mariani, Viktoria Münzker, Christian Quiceno, Nicole Schuster, Silvia Serra, Sara Shahak & Isabel Tristan
« Eloquence of paper » at Context Galeria with Adriana del Duca, Elvira Cibotti, Ioli Livada & Iro Kaskani
« Trobades » at 66 Mistral Gallery with Lluis Comin
« Gogoisme 2 » at Amaranto joies with Mar Sanchez
« Indiferencia » at Galeria Baal with Silvia Serra, Christian Quiceno & Juanjo Garcia

Among all the off exhibitions this year, « Indiferecia » exhibition will make the difference with Silvia Serra Albaladejo, Juanjo Garcia Martin & Christian Quiceno. « Indiferencia »  exhibition  is proposed to denounce the excesses at a general level throughout the planet. « Indifference is not innocent. Indifference kills slowly without leaving spectacular blood streams or sensational headlines in its path. Indifference has the guilty word written on the forehead. Around us, every day, hundreds of people ask for help. » 10 questions to the 3 artists :

Why make artistic jewelry or wearable art?

Silvia : For me, being able to make a jewel or a wearable object represents the need to tell and express some vital fact with an important meaning, whether personal or not. Creating means communicating, and that makes us think and reflect.

Christian : The idea of being able to capture a message or a complaint that invites you to reflect on a portable object is what seduces me, that this message moves with the person who carries it and is not static in your living room.

Juanjo : I think it really is the way I dominate the most to recreate my artistic language, and I feel very happy creating in my workshop.

How did you get to this job?

Silvia : I came to this job through the curiosity that was transmitted to me at the school where I studied (Escola Massana). I thought about studying another specialty, but curiosity changed my mind and thus the direction of my life.

Christian : I would say that by chance but I do not believe in that, 14 years ago I learned jewelry then left it for 11 years where I learned other things and I take it back 3 years ago and I feel that it is what I wanted to do all my life.

Juanjo : My mother wanted absolutely I learned this craft, and she brought me a welder, a brick and welds, and at the same time I pay for a jewelry course and today I am still very grateful!

Do you think you really do what you want to do?

Silvia : Without a doubt, the craft allows me to focus on the most creative part that is the one that I really enjoy through the passing of the hours. In addition, I enjoy creating pieces that adorn the body of newlyweds, mothers, daughters and in general, people who want a special piece for that particular moment. Two different areas of the trade but at the same time with a certain parallelism.

Christian : When I came back to jewelry 3 years ago my first rule was that I would only do what I wanted to see and so far I think I have done it and this has nothing to do with a whim, it was a way to exorcise my fears.

Juanjo : I try to do what I want, within my means, although I also think that in one way or another this path was already written, and this was already here for me, no!

Why is this exhibition called INDIFFERENCE and what can we expect to see in it?

Silvia : In the beginning, I invited my two colleagues Christian Kiseno and Juanjo García to participate in a small format exhibition thinking about the need to create a link between our work, The three of us talked about contemporary social issues and I thought it would be interesting to see the point of view of each one of us. The work of the three has a bit of social criticism and we hope that no one is indifferent to it. Therefore, the title invited us to reflect, artists and visitors.

Christian : We are at a very critical moment on the planet where all kinds of political, social and environmental excesses are committed to name a few to what humanity believes that with being indifferent then there is no reason why the name and what they will see there is a call to not be and I hope our work will achieve that.

Juanjo : The title comes from inaction, when we see someone suffer, suffer, be in danger, not wanting, listen to another person’s call for help, look away and continue with your indifferent step and not want to help and continue with your Plastic life, in your bubble world!

What reflection do you expect from the eyes of others when observing your work?

Silvia : From that alien look I expect a little intimate reflection, as well as empathy and protection on the subject and on those affected. It is clear that no one can leave you indifferent when we see on television day after day all the suffering that this implies. And that is why they are changing the behavior of the population, for better and for worse.

Christian : First of all, let my work make you think why, and from that reflection, what can I do to change what is wrong?

Juanjo : My work is a reflection of ideas, it is almost like a small installation that you can wear, in this case and for this exhibition I have prepared a set of pieces which, I think, can serve as an amulet to avoid indifference. And well I also like to see how the viewer reaches that maze of reflections and he himself takes out his reflection.

We are really indifferent, and in relation to what?

Silvia : Of course. We are indifferent to the unknown, to what does not affect us personally. And this is very sad because it impoverishes us as people and distances us more and more from each other. The difference is indifferent.

Christian : All the time in relation to everything, an example of this, we know that plastic is ending the planet but you go to a fast food restaurant and use a plastic straw for your drink.

Juanjo : We are indifferent to life, to love, to see the hungry or the helpless, to see how the strong step on the devil, we are indifferent to injustice and close our eyes or look the other way and continue with our universe, not wanting to suffer or help others definitely.

Do you think we can somehow stop being indifferent?

Silvia :  Sure, but it’s a long and complicated road. The reflection and the acts of each day are very personal, but that can mark a change.

Christian : Of course, if we are aware of what we do, the problem is that consciousness is not an easy path.

Juanjo : The human being I think is an animal with greater power to mutate and transform than any other, although this is something more than falling into the account, that we are a whole and we are not the navel of the world, it is not enough just to take off the mask, It is the action itself that makes you not be indifferent. Indifference is the greatest evil in the world.

What materials do you use in your pieces?

Silvia :  My current work has a number of different materials, both new and also found. Among them, Silver, Plastic, Acrylic, Rubber, Wood, Gold leaf, buns, Stones, Shoe soles, Pieces of ceramics, Textiles and many others … All of them now form the series REFUGEES DESERTED.

Christian : Silver, copper, resin, paints, but I have decided to use recycled silver from now on and I am in search of environmentally friendly resins and paints.

Juanjo : In my pieces I use a bit of everything, wood, paper, metal, found objects, metals, electrical circuits, LEDs, cables … It really seems that I build synthesizers instead of jewelry.

Your work tells us about what in this exhibition?

Silvia : Homeless refugees, as the name suggests emphasizes the indifference of people who have suffered wars, post wars, crimes against human life, looting, poverty, and many other anguishes that cause them to cross seas and borders to save their own lives and of yours. I try to visualize your walk and at the same time be a participant in it by carrying your own weight as a brooch, necklace, ring … etc.

Christian : Violence against minorities, social leaders in Colombia, indigenous people and people feel like LGBTI groups and also environmental excesses.

Juanjo : My work focuses rather on what produces indifference in the person, pain or the action of feeling or showing indifference. For me the opposite of love is indifference.

Reasons not to miss this exhibition?

Silvia : Through three different ways of getting involved with the world and its actuality, we hope visitors feel the same empathy that we feel with and for our work issues. Is another reason necessary to not feel indifferent?

Christian : They will find 3 different ways of seeing the life that we try to contribute a grain of sand that is our job to look for a change or at least that you wonder when seeing our pieces.

Juanjo : Do not worry that if you miss it they will tell you about it, but I visited because you will not be indifferent, I assure you.



« Liées »- Institut Français de Barcelone – C/ Moià 8, 08006 Barcelona – Op : 18:00-21:00

« Jewelry Links »- El Lavadero – C/Sant Rafael 14, Barcelona – Op : 19:00

« Yuko Yamada » – EASD Llotja – C/Pare Manyanet 40, Barcelona – Op : 19:00

« Claus 019 » – La Industrial Escola d’Art – C/Comte d’Urgell 187, Barcelona – Op : 12:30

« Trobades » – 66 Mistral Gallery – Av. Mistral 66, Barcelona – Op : 17:30

« Eloquence of paper » – Context Galeria – C/Viñolas 8, Sant Cugat del Vallès – Op : 19:00

« Gogoisme 2 » – Amaranto joies – C/Sant Domènec 23, Barcelona – Op : 19:30

« Love hurts 3 times » – Tuuulibreria – C/Planeta 17, Barcelona – Op : 20:00

« Le stanze del Possibile » – Hanna Gallery – Riera St Miquel 26, Barcelona – Op : 20:00

THURSDAY 10/10 – FAIR 11:00-19:00

« Silent Roads & Desert Nights » – JORCG – Rambla Catalunya 73, Barcelona – Op : 16:00

« Misui » – Union Suiza – Av. Diagonal 482, Barcelona – Op : 20:00

FRIDAY 11/10 – FAIR 11:00-19:00

« Pretexto » – La Plataforma – C/Pujades 99, Barcelona – Op : 19:00

« Ruïna » – Art Gallery chez Xefo – C/ Badajos 46, Barcelona – Op : 19:00

« Indiferencia » – Galeria Baal – C/Marià Aguilo 123, Barcelona – Op : 20:00

« Sinergia » – Haimney Art Gallery – C/Trafalgar 70, Barcelona – Op : 21:00

SATURDAY 12/10 – FAIR 11:00-19:00 || Enjoia’T Award 20:00

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JOYA FAIR, October 10-22th, Disseny HUB Barcelona

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