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“Is this the end ? Or just a new start ?”

HEART FAILURE, the 10th anniversary exhibition proposed by ALLIAGES and curated by Juan Riusech. The exhibition will be visible during the Athens Jewellery Week at BOO ! 21 sarri street, Athens 10554, (+30)210 325 5542 (# 24 in the program)

Opening : SAT 25/05, 19-21h
Opening hours : FRI 15-17h, SAT 14-19h & SUN 11-14h

« The heart sometimes fails but it had a beginning, it had life and it beat strongly. It loves, it suffers and it is the vital center of our existence.  The Heart of Jesus Christ is venerated, it is a symbol of divine love, of surrender, it represents total love, the love for humanity. Hearts that fall in love, hearts that bleed, hearts that suffer, strong hearts. In this piece, I make my own interpretation of the Sacred Heart. The thorns are part of suffering, but at the same time gold gives hope, referring to those obstacles to overcome in life. The patina of aging and the wear of the materials allude to the inexorable passage of time. » Rosa Borreda

Artists showed for « HEART FAILURE » exhibition in Athens

« Heart Failure » will show the works of Ana Carolina Escobar, Ana Garcia Moya, Anne Léger, Beiya Yang, Christian Quiceno, Corrado de Meo, Dania Chelminsky, Deimezi Xenia, Dimitar Stankov, Donna Mason Sweigart, Dóra Dés, Egle Sitkauskaite, Elvira Cibotti, Eugenia Balabani, Eva Tesarik, Fabiana Gadano, Hebe Argentieri, Hillarey Dees, Hongzhe Ma, Iolo Livada, Iona Nieva, Iris Merkle, Isabelle Busnel, Izabella Petrut, Jil Köhn, Joshua Kosker, Juan Riusech, Juanjo Garcia Matin, Katja Turpeinen, Larah Nott, Lena Lindahl, Lluis Comin, Lucia Feugas, Margarita Alonso, Maud Traon, Michelle Kraemer, Natasa Grandovec, Nico Delaide, Nicole Polentas, Nicole Schuster, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Peter Hoogeboom, Qiwei Liu, Ruozhu Tang, Rosa Borredá, Sébastien Carré, Sílvia Serra Albaladejo, Teresa Faris, Victoria Ioannidou, Viktoria Münzker, Vittoria Ramona Pallechi, Yiota Vogli, Yiqi Wu & Yu Hiraishi.

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