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Utilitarian or decorative, molding, casting or turing, stoneware, earthenware, raku and porcelain, ALLIAGES has BOWLS with Caterina Roma, Christine Bruckner, Christine Claerhout, Fabio Ciancaglini, Françoise Bertin, Izabela Jolanta, Juli About, Margot Thyssen, Margrieta Jeltema, Marie Mora, Monique Voz, Oana Stoica, Philippe Lucas, Rita Hendrickx, Sasha Wardelll, Sophie Luline, Thomas Petot, Tiffany Leach, Ute van der Plaats & Valérie Caulemans.

Exhibition visible next Oct, 15th & 16th 2016. Non-stop opening on Saturday 15th (10h30 – 18h30) and Sunday 16th (14h – 18h).

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