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“Surface design, contrasts, form, nature, color, architecture, materiality and sometimes things that are hidden – all of these are common threads that run through my work. An important element – and a challenge to me personally – is the creation of space and contours in order to combine geometric and ornamental forms.”


Clear, pure, basic forms – at times geometric – that create a space or provide, by virtue of their lines, a framework within which it becomes possible to connect this form with other aspects of design. A fusion of opposites and contrasts where the material surface in particular plays an important role in giving the pure form a very special, sometimes natural character.

I look in my inspiration in the contrasts offered by architecture and nature and also in their imperfections and transformation in time. These two areas of interest often presenting an immediate wealth of contrast, the works thus created are correspondingly multifaceted, in some cases inspired by a general theme and only during the realization process evolving in such a way as to demand a more individual approach.

Utilization and familiarization of a known form, and this at some pieces paired with repetition – photographic details or details from other existing images. Objects from everyday life, things that we happen to experience or feel, landscapes or impressions of a city that stay with us and have meaning in our lives are thus placed into a context of form that creates a space and are transformed into a portable mini-sculpture. Here I see a considerable and unique advantage peculiar to this area of art: at all times being able to “exhibit” one’s own personal work of art, to use it to highlight aspects of the personality of the person who wears it, or to make a statement – a “transportable gallery constantly in motion”, which has plenty of little, hidden messages in store as well, messages that only become apparent at second glance.


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