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July 2017

Highlighting works of Ana Garcia Moya, Natasha Morris, Kristin Beeler & Juan Harnie.

Ana Garcia Moya | “Small works of real and fantastic worlds that make you laugh and feel while you wear them. They are pieces from another world.
” (*)

Natasha Morris | “My recent work looks to incorporate the exploration of textiles and fiber. I use cross stitch/embroidery to develop imagery and polyester fiber to achieve a playfulness in plush sewn pieces. My work is inspired by jewelry archetypes and historical periods as I look to manipulate traditional jewelry expectations such as material value. Ocular Romance is inspired by the secretive nature of Georgian era lover’s eye, this embroidered image of a man’s eye lends its value to only that of the beholder. A Humble Brag is inspired by rapper’s chains as a display of the wearer’s clout and achievement within the field providing a customized representation of individual’s innermost priorities. Entre Dos uses cross-stitching to depict two anatomical hearts contained within separate brooches, while simultaneously in a relationship. Attached by threads, their bond is made both strong yet temporary.(*)

Kristin Beeler | “My practice includes contemporary jewelry, photography and object making. It sits at the intersection of beauty, memory, the body and jewelry as mnemonic device. We conjure beauty from things left behind: flawed logic, peeling paint, scars, burnt evidence. Memories are isolated stopping points along a continuum of interconnected events. Jewelry and the body remain primary locations for siting memory. Recollection involves multiple associations and jewelry is often its embodiment. It is the miniaturization of things to be remembered bound in a portable format. In the mythology of materials, the nostalgia of mother of pearl and charcoal contrast the opposing beauties of vulnerability and protection. In the end, all that we are reduces down to our bodies and our memories.” (*)

Juan Harnie | “Aesthetical Injection This collection, I used medical materials that are often linked to unpleasant situations like hospitals visits. Once removed from this context they could be transformed into attractive, floral looking jewellery. I got my inspiration from flowers and plants that, even when they turn out to be deadly, at first sight people will attribute positive feelings towards. Contradictory, syringes that administer medicine and heal people are met with fear and disgust. Using these syringes in colourful, floral pieces of jewellery, mimicking the shape and colour of flowers, might just make people reconsider their initial feelings towards syringes and see the beauty the designer saw in them. I used medical gauze to imprint the silver or to drench in coloured polyurethane and then mould into organic sculptured shapes sprouting silverwork and gemstones.” (*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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