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Impression : trace left by a person. 40 artists from the world of contemporary jewelery, ceramics and glass to leave their mark at ALLIAGES. They reveal to us their dreams and show us their imaginary world.

Impressions, the permanent exhibition at Alliages. Artists that have shown at 2014 :


The Permanent 2014, showing works from Alja Neuner, Ana Garcia, Burcu Sulek, Camille Moncomble, Catalina Brenes, Cristina Zani, David Choi, Eleonora Ghilardi, Elsa Bénot, Eun-Mi Kwon, Fabienne Christyn, Fabienne Décornet, Federica Sala, Guillaume Elise, Hakan Aktug, Isabelle Busnel, Janny Huang Yokota, Juan Riusech, Katharina Eichler, Konstantinos Konstanpoulos, Lauren Joffe, Lia Koenen, Lital Mendel, Linda Schuch (Blitzenblitzen), Madalina Stoica, Mar Sanchez, Mare Saare, Margarita Alonso, Marie-Anne Ver Eecke, Marine Stampfli, Marta Armada, Mia Llauder, Mie Ghesquiere, Miriam Vile, Missy Graff, Pascale Morin (by Rita), Paula Isola, Sandra Murray, Silvia Beccaria, Sonia Spano, Viktoria Munzker & Wu Ching Chich.

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