GR..Ignasi Cavaller at 66 Mistral Gallery, interview by Juan Riusech

GR..Ignasi Cavaller at 66 Mistral Gallery, interview by Juan Riusech

Ignasi is a spanish jeweler, born in Menorca. He did his jewelery education in Massana school in Barcelona and in Idar-Oberstein. Ignasi participated in the Alliages Legacy Award 2016 and won the Public Award. This award consisted in a solo exhibition during Joya off 2017, in collaboration with Ring-ring & 66 Mistral Gallery.

Hi Ignasi, in 2016 you have won several awards, this makes you happy ? Is this going to change your career ? Hi Joan, sure I’m happy about it. I don’t think it’s a life changer, but of course it helps. It helps to get on the map and it gives you some extra energy to keep on

What do you expect when you show your work to an audience ? What reactions do you wait from the public ? I look for surprise, fascination, intrigue… You know, I like when someone has one of my pieces in his/her hands and then give me the look of: How the hell did you do this? and also when people praise the quality of the piece. Isabella van den Bos once called me “mind-fucker” that is what I look for: to fuck people’s minds.

What is your preferred material you work with ? Why ? I could say there is a group of materials that are always around in my work: wood, stone and recycled plastic, they are my basics. But right now I’m more focused on the wood just because of my access to the tools, as soon as I can get stone tools my pieces will involve more stone for sure.

Your inspiration comes from ? My fears and the questions I ask to myself about them, this combined with my admiration for classic craft and architecture, any kind of mechanical system, my trips and the countries I have been living. Take it all put it in a blender and …

How your passage in Idar-Oberstein has changed the way you feel the jewelry ? Change of techniques, materials used, both ? I believe in Idar, with the help of my professors and my classmates, I accepted myself and my way of working. I think before that I was trying to be something else instead of embracing my own way of doing things.

When creating a new work of serie, what’s the most important moment on the creative process? When my brain switches from experimentation to production. It usually happens when I have a deadline getting closer, if I don’t have one I can expend the rest of my time in the workshop just experimenting, I’m trying to trick myself with fake deadlines but not always works.

Do you plan your new works or you work on-the-fly ? More like on-the-fly, but not always… The only moment I make a draw about a piece is if the idea comes while I’m (almost) sleeping, because it’s impossible for me to recall the idea in the morning. If I work without drawing I give the piece the chance to evolve from the moment I had the idea till the idea becomes the real piece.

What are the aspects you look first when you have a jewel in your hands ? Definitely the quality. You can have a really good concept or to feel a strong attraction for a piece but if it’s badly done, what you have at the end is a beautiful piece of shit or a nice concept on a shity piece, even both. I think sometimes we forget that conceptual or artistic doesn’t mean everything is allowed.

What will be the perfect jewel for you ? Sometimes less is better. Should be clean and simple and intriguing.

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