Promoting Contemporary Art Jewelry since 2009

Impressions : trace left by a person. 11 contemporary ceramists from Different countries leave their mark at ALLIAGES. They reveal to us their dreams and show us their imaginary world.

Impressions, the permanent exhibition at Alliages, renewed continously.

Schedule : Monday-Friday : 10h – 17h / Saturday : 10h-16h (during July & August saturdays are closed)

ALLIAGES : 111, Bd. Victor Hugo, F-59000 LILLE

The Permanent Exhibition

Ana-Belén Montero, Baudrienne Stalpart, Beatriz Trepat, Eric Schenker, Fabienne Christyn, Hélène Foucher, Joelle Swanet, Maria-Antonia Zamora, Rita Hendrickx, Simcha Even Chen & Valérie Ceulemans

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