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Utilitarian or decorative, molding, casting or turing, stoneware, earthenware, raku and porcelain, ALLIAGES has BOWLS with Ana-Belen Montero, Christine Claerhout, Christine Waxweiler, Claudine Nicostrate, Fabienne Christyn, Jérôme Hirson, Manon Clouzeau, Marie-Anne Ver Eecke, Marie Heele-Decoster, Marie-Paule Verplanken, Marie-Jeanne Chevalier, Marie-Jo Betremieux, Monika Denolf, Nathalie Gillard, Olivier Fiscbach, Patricia Cassone & Valérie Ceulemans.

Exhibition visible next Sept, 20th & 21st 2014. Non-stop opening on Saturday 20th (10h30 – 18h30) and Sunday 21st (10h30 – 18h).

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