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What is beauty ? … « Beautiful is everything one looks at with love. » Christian Morgenstern

BROKEN BEAUTY, the new exhibition proposed by ALLIAGES and curated by Juan Riusech moves to Munich for the Schmuck Jewelry Week. The  exhibition will be hold at the Werkstatt Gallery in Zentnerstraße 3, 80798 Munich from Thursday March 12th to Saturday March 14th, 2020. The opening will take place on Wednesday March 11th, 2020 18-21h.

Gallery open hours : Thu-Fri 13-19h & Sat 10-13h.

« Inspired by earth’s geologic events and the persistence of time, this series of work reflects on the toughness and fragility of the natural world through its cyclical rhythms of regeneration and decay. Drawing on the symbolism of the circle and its reference to wholeness – a unity and continuity of nature’s complex lifecycles – these works are growing and eroding, beginning and ending in a continuous cycle. A contemplation of the mysteries of the natural world and the tensions that exist above and beneath its surface. Our natural environment is both vast and miniscule, fragile and powerful, peaceful and brimming with chaos. A duality of forces, opposites and simultaneous synchronicity. » Aurelia Yeomans

Artists selected for « BROKEN BEAUTY » exhibition

« Broken Beauty » will show the works of Aisegul Telli, Alex Kinsley Vey, Anne Léger, Anu Kirkinen, Aurelia Yeomans, Brigid McNellis, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Christian Quiceno, Christine Jalio, Claudia Steiner, Corrado De Meo, Dania Chelminsky, Egle Sitkauskaite, Elli Xippa, Emilie Le Dez, Erato Kouloubi, Fabiana Gadano, Francine Schloeth, Fruzsina Zalavári, Gemma Canal, Gretal Ferguson, Isabel Trujillo, Isabelle Busnel, Jason Stein, Jieun Park, Juan Harnie, Juan Riusech, JuanJo Garcia Martin, Katrine Ingrid Christensen, Kristin Beeler, Laurent Brune, Leslie Shershow, Lily Kanellopoulou, Lucie Popelka Houdková, Mar Sanchez, Marta Herradura Villalba, Maud Traon, Michelle Kraemer, Miki Asai, Min Jae Eom, Mineri Matsuura, Namkyung Lee, Nan Jin, Nicole Schuster, Nik Hanton, Patricia Gallucci, Rho Tang, Ruizhi Li, Saadah bin Shehab, Sara Mas Tomas, Sara Shahak, Sébastien Carré, Sharareh Aghaei, Silvia Serra, Sungryun Kim, Taibe Palacios, Teresa Faris, Theresa Storbacka, Victoria Ioannidou, Viktoria Münzker, Xenia Deimezi, Xianou Ni, Xinia Guan & Yiota Vogli.

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