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What is precious to you ?

What do you hold close ?

What do you return to again and again to comfort, nourish and give you strength ?

What would you keep if everything else was taken away from you?

What precious thing(s) matter to you above all else ?

PRECIOUS THINGS IN TIME OF UNCERTAINTY, the new exhibition held in Alliages gallery, Lille from June 12th to September 18th 2021. The exhibition is proposed by the Precious Collective and curated by Juan Riusech.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday June 11th, 2021 at 6 PM at ALLIAGES gallery.
ALLIAGES | ESPACE APACE:ART – 111, bd. Victor Hugo – F-59000 LILLE – +33(0)

Alliages gallery schedule : Mo/Fri : 10-13h & 14-17h (See contact page to have the opening hours)

« Precious Things in Time of Uncertainty » will show the works of Agnes Wo, Alison Brown, Elisabetta Nevola, Emilie Le Dez, Faye Hall, Gemma Canal, Hayley Graflin, Jamie Kroeger, Juan Harnie, Juanjo Garcia, Lynne Speake, Melissa Hampson, Melis Agabigum, Monique Lecouna, Rebecca Walklett, Spam Glam, Svetlana Prigoditch, Taibe Palacios, Teresa Frank Faris, Vanessa Kubach & Viktoria Muenzker.

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