Noelia Macchi | « The collection presented is the result of experimenting with recycled paper in different ways, trying to show uses that up to now are not very habitual. On this occasion I treated it as when you make sticks with paper, and with those rich textures generated different ideas and in others a harmony or integration between the parts of the piece with colours too. The trigger to generate these pieces was to let myself go. Play. Try out what happens. How far you can get, as a starting point to continue generating ideas, without proposing limits within what is possible. And it is a whole new experience for me to generate pieces this way, because until now I had been working with preset concepts or ideas rather than generating the ideas.That is why I call this collection “My own dance”, because I allowed myself to dance, with my own music, to my own rhythm, with my own steps. »(*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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