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Natasha Morris | « My recent work looks to incorporate the exploration of textiles and fiber. I use cross stitch/embroidery to develop imagery and polyester fiber to achieve a playfulness in plush sewn pieces. My work is inspired by jewelry archetypes and historical periods as I look to manipulate traditional jewelry expectations such as material value. Ocular Romance is inspired by the secretive nature of Georgian era lover’s eye, this embroidered image of a man’s eye lends its value to only that of the beholder. A Humble Brag is inspired by rapper’s chains as a display of the wearer’s clout and achievement within the field providing a customized representation of individual’s innermost priorities. Entre Dos uses cross-stitching to depict two anatomical hearts contained within separate brooches, while simultaneously in a relationship. Attached by threads, their bond is made both strong yet temporary. »(*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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