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“Shadows drawn by light. Remnants of space impregnated with memories of moments when the hands were working. This project is part of the memory of lived moments watching my mother sew, in a space invaded by light.”

“Lapses” is a necklace collection, using cotton fabrics, thinking in remnants like shadows in spaces full of light. With the stitches telling stories of memories and the metal framing the detail. As an artist each project is research and is learning … I’m interested in the material, I’m interested in the concept, one thing leads me to the other. The project is based on questions that I answer with a dialogue between the material and my hands. Less than one year I started to work with fabrics, cottons and linens in particular. It was a semi-subconscious decision but since the first piece I have recovered my taste for fabric, a material that I have always been interested in. It is a material that seduces me and inspires me. Of the three textile projects that I have done, “Lapses” is the most complete and the most personal of all. Memories of places, memories of moments.

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