Utopic Spaces – Schmuck 2017

Utopic Spaces – Schmuck 2017


09/03/2017 to 13/03/2017

There are several reasons behind why one would want to design a utopia. The most important would be that utopian thought is essential to human change in all aspects. The purpose of this concept is to help those interested in it to clarify their own ideas, values and desires.

Awareness precedes action.

The landscape is the container of our utopia, we transform it and it continues to grow between the spontaneity of nature and the human action. As a result, the contemporary landscapes are a mixture of dreams, intentions and chance. We put spaces and structures that are filled with experiences, nature, feelings and emotions on a canvas called landscape. We do the same with jewellery the appropriates the body’s landscape.

Utopic Spaces is a way of materializing through jewellery the meeting of two worlds, two realities and two ways of dreaming, by Romanian artist, Noha Nicolescu, and Colombian artist, Titi Berrio.

Häberlstraße 18, 80337 München, Deutschland

Thu-Mon, 12:00-19:00
Opening Friday at 13:00

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