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22/09/2016 to 16/10/2016

Museo del modernismo (Barcelona)

Carrer de Balmes 48, Barcelona, Spain

joya off 2016 - les confluencesIn early 2014 I started combining high fashion creations with works from the world of contemporary jewellery, recognizing a continuing recurrence of forms, through different creative fields, germinating ideas and similar aesthetic results. This project, called “Les Métissages”, was inspired by two key concepts borrowed from my art history studies: the life (and migration) of forms and ideas and the one of “sister arts”.

Discovering how several artists -unknown to each other- could (and can) conceive the same idea and achieve an equally aesthetic result in different fields like fashion and contemporary jewellery, gave me the possibility to create a “new grammar of beauty”, proposing a new perspective on decorative arts and opening that life of forms” that have always given birth to preludes and collisions in the Art’s world.

With the project of “Les Confluences| La Confluencias” a step further is taken into a hybrid territory: the one of dialogue among arts. Forms, which survive and live through Time and Space display their range of vitality even between paintings from the Catalan Modernist painter Ramon Casas and contemporary jewellery, providing a confluence of ideas, patterns, colours and textures.

Since for many centuries applied arts were considered as younger daughters of Fine Arts, the project of “Les Confluences| Las Confluencias” wants to testify the recurrence of ornamental motifs, decorative embellishments and similar textures by juxtaposing contemporary jewellery pieces and paintings directly taken form the Modernist period, focusing on the oeuvres of one of its maximum authors, Ramon Casas.
Nichka Marobin


“LES CONFLUENCES” Ramón Casas and Contemporary Jewellery
Museo del Modernismo de Barcelona
Carrer de Balmes 48, Barcelona.

22 September — 16 October
Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30h to 19.00h
Sunday, 10.30h to 14.00h
Monday closed

Opening: 22 September, 19.00h
Press Conference: 21 September, 11.00h

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