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28/09/2016 to 29/10/2016

Ring-ring (Barcelona)

Carrer de Luís el Piadós 3, Barcelona, Spain

+34 649 46 29 74

Joya off 2016 - JuntosVegetation, Animal, and Mineral are all combined in objects reminiscent of organic forms and landscapes.
Mixing materials in order to create a symbolic life in an object by using interactive mediums allows me to wake up a body which tends to be more insensitive due to an over-communicativity of society.

Time is an essential aspect of the work being made. Through the moments spent making, wearing and connecting with people, I find deeper connections. It is an immaterial patrimony that I am trying to spread in order to make us realize how much we are all bound together.

When conceiving and making work I put meaning in every shape, every color, every texture. Each part is meaningful in my own mythology that I decided to express through visual language, not with words.

One particular collection is made of the filmstrip that, was likely, played in the theater I frequented as a child. Through this work, I decided to use the filmstrip as a universal symbol of connection within each culture and focus on the importance of that in our society.

Celebrating diversity will make us grow. In the story of the living, if no cells decided to mix and cooperate instead of trying to destroy each other, life would have never grown to produce human and our own self.

Let’s Cherish the diversity in our small world, being together is already a treasure.

“JUNTOS” by Sébastien Carré
Ring Ring Arts & Crafts BCN
Carrer de Luís el Piadós 3, Barcelona.

28 September — 29 October
Monday to Saturday 11.00h to 14.00h
and 16.00h to 20.00h.

Opening: 27 September, 21:00

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