Joya Off – Enmarcamos The Presence by Jeemie Jamie Chung



Amaranto Joies (Barcelona)

Carrer de Sant Domènec 23, Barcelona, Spain

Joya off 2016 The presence

My works can be defined from the interests and the background of my life with constant new meetings, farewells, and adapting to diverse cultures.

I like to create and show my beliefs and values throughout my work. In my previous works I have expressed nature, in particular the form and structural changes as a plant grows, into movable Art Jewelry.

With the same context and interests I have changed my approach to the works I create. I have been focusing on improvising the ideas of presence into my Art Jewelry. The works I wanted to present is a reflection of me partly revealing the moments of my life…


“ENMARCAMOS THE PRESENCE” by Jeemie Jamie Chung.
Amaranto Joies
Carrer de Sant Domènec 23, Barcelona

28 September — 29 October
Tuesday, 11.00h to 14.30h
and 17.00h to 22.30h
Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00h to 14.30h
and 17.00h to 20.30h

Opening: 28 September, 19.00h

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