“Empreintes 2017”, September

“Empreintes 2017”, September

September 2017

Highlighting works of Ksenia Vohkmetnseva, Beate Pfefferkorn, Veronika Fabian & Margarita Alonso.

Izabella Petrut | “Time, a dark thing in life, flying too fast or sliding too slow. I often wonder whether time is my friend or my enemy. I am always late, trying to postpone getting old, but always in a hurry to experience more of this life. Always tired, always on the road, running towards a sad finish-line: death, but permanently wanting to stop, get some sleep, smell the flowers and just breath. Sometimes, all I wish is for time to pass, so a new thing can happen, but when things are good, I try to hold on to a certain second for as long as I can. The present moment seams to be always slipping away. I am looking forward to the future and I am trapped in the past. Here and now are the only things we should experience, and yet, this is the most difficult thing to do. The present is a concept so difficult to truly understand, full of hope, a small spark of light in the darkness of time.” (*)

Viktoria Muenzker | “The perfection of nature’s forms and the beauty of the material challenge me to create jewellery pieces of resemblant quality. Sometimes my workbench looks like a natural history collection: Driftwood of a wayward-knotted shape, pieces of coral, lichen, dried scale of a carp, petrified sea shell, amber and a sea urchin skeleton gather there. Divergent material properties meet another in unusual combinations: soft and amorphous runs into hard and edged, translucent stones into matt light absorbing bodies. The gracile and grotesque-looking deep-sea organisms could also be figments. Animalic, botanic and mineral seems to melt fluently into each other, nature and phantasy becomes one. My jewellery objects are materialized imaginations. It’s not how the things really are. How they could be – that is the point of aesthetical capability.”(*)

Michelle Kraemer | “Up and above / in a far away land / exploring an unreachable world / dreaming of landscapes and possibilities… unreachable but with imagination / so close yet so far / that’s where I want to go… to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities / to touch them, to make them mine / to materialize them into my own imagined reality I find inspiration in things that we can see but are somehow unobtainable, untouchable, unreachable… I feel the need to materialize my inner landscape into my own imagined reality. In recent years I found that balsa wood, an incredibly lightweight and transformable material, allows me to do this. The material, for me, is inspiration and challenge at the same time. It is transformed in such a way that it changes completely, until it becomes something else entirely, until it becomes jewellery…” (*)

Katja Toporski | “The pieces I present here each contain two fragments of castings in a white material. One is in the form of an hourglass, the other from a 3D model taken by the Rosetta space probe of the Churyumov- Gerasimenko comet. They talk about space, its complex relationship to time, and the human quest for understanding our place in this world. A third component joins those two parts, cylindrical in form, and made of intricately pierced silver. Their pierced out lines follow the lines created by the cave people in the Chauvet cave in Southern France, depicting scenes of wild animals hunting, bearers of the mysteries of cultural expression. While the silver cylinders in the pieces add their own part to the story, silver is also employed to connect all three parts together, acting as the unifying material to all three.” (*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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