“Empreintes 2017”, August

“Empreintes 2017”, August

August 2017

Highlighting works of Ksenia Vohkmetnseva, Beate Pfefferkorn, Veronika Fabian & Margarita Alonso.

Ksenia Vohkmentseva | “The theme of this collection comes through my recent personal experience: when I started to work on my new pieces and was pondering what I want to express, I found out that my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I was in such deep sorrow that all my thoughts were totally captured by this, and at one moment I began to feel that I must convert this sad energy into the new shape, into the new existence. I believe that nothing in life happens by chance, and even a dreadful disease is also a chance to discover fresh power inside our soul, to build a new relationship with reality. Yes, this collection is far from being playful and light, every piece keeps within a lot of pain, but at the same time it carries the strength of the human will, which allows to live in spite of pain.” (*)

Beate Pfefferkorn | “I take porcelain as a shape-giving element. It is the ranking of countless single porcelain parts which leads to the jewelry piece. When the single parts are united they begin to live and to create a complete whole. At the same time, repetition is of fundamental importance. During the work process, similar but never identical single parts are created thanks to the constant repetition of the working steps. Furthermore, the specific characteristics of the material are of great importance. At the beginning of the work process porcelain is a malleable mass and allows highly delicate handling, which is perpetuated by firing it at 1260°C. The material, which has become very hard now, is not only lovely and beautiful but also very comfortable to wear. During movement the single parts produce soft sounds. Moreover, the colors of the pieces vary: Vivid tones are placed equally next to white.”(*)

Veronika Fabian | “I am instinctively drawn to work with traditional forms of jewellery. These archetypal forms are a common language for everyone, and therefore can be used as a bottom line to show my ideas, a starting point for a conversation about jewellery. This time I was thinking to marry a classical chain to leather without using any metal. The results are 3 leather chains that I made in natural colour that reminds us to human skin and what is beneath as well. ” (*)

Margarita Alonso | “My work, browse in a thematic diversity that I explore in my inner universe and it feeds by the environment in which I find myself at a certain time, of my mood. It goes from the organic to the geometric, from the mundane to the poetic. I work mainly with silver and I like to make patinas onto copper and brass; sometimes incorporate stones, beads and alternative materials such as wood, textiles, plastics, paper.” (*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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