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Beate Pfefferkorn | “I take porcelain as a shape-giving element. It is the ranking of countless single porcelain parts which leads to the jewelry piece. When the single parts are united they begin to live and to create a complete whole. At the same time, repetition is of fundamental importance. During the work process, similar but never identical single parts are created thanks to the constant repetition of the working steps. Furthermore, the specific characteristics of the material are of great importance. At the beginning of the work process porcelain is a malleable mass and allows highly delicate handling, which is perpetuated by firing it at 1260°C. The material, which has become very hard now, is not only lovely and beautiful but also very comfortable to wear. During movement the single parts produce soft sounds. Moreover, the colors of the pieces vary: Vivid tones are placed equally next to white. “(*)

(*)   Text & pictures provided by the artist

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